Is there anything the rest of the world could give away to stop the endless violence from the various Islamic extremist groups? Can the religion of Islam help? It it even relevant?

The Palestinians would have us believe that if they could take enough turf away from extremist Israeli settlers, and get recognition as a Palestinian State, they'd stop the rockets and other terror attacks on Israel.

Could we grant ISIL, the Taliban and Al Qaeda one or more "Sharia States" in return for their stopping their terror attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq and Mali?

That may not be a realistic option.

The Palestinians call for a Palestinian State, but for some of their factions notably Hamas, that's not going to be enough. They want to keep on until they control all of what is now Israel.

In the same way, neither ISIL or any other Islamic extremist group is likely to be satsfied with a few enclaves within which they could mandate extreme Islam. They want to control the entire countries where they are fighting. They want all of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Mali.

Palestinians are still running two separate governments. Some Palestinians are Christians, not Muslims.

Muslims in general are still strongly split between the two major sects: Sunni and Shia.

Terrorist groups keep on with their attacks because they think violence is more likely to achieve their objectives than political negotiations and elections.

Egypt voted in an Islamist government, but plenty of Egyptians have made it clear that they don't want to live under an Islamic theocracy.

If Egypt can't achieve stability, how can we have much hope for Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq or Mali.

Turkey is a Muslim country, in which Islam has managed to co-exist with secularism. But Islamic extremists elsewhere are having none of that.

Religion is not going to be any help dealing with Islamic extremists, because Religion is not really the issue in any of these conflicts. THe issue is political power.

The struggle ends when the terrorists get control of a totalitarian theocratic Islamic state, or when the terrorists feel such extreme pain (or sufficiently fear annihilation) that they accept a partial win of their goals and coexist with secularism and less extreme forms of Islam.

Of course, if the object of the Islamic terrorism really is mass conversion of France, England, the US and the rest of the world to Islam, that goal is, to say the least, remote. But remember how Islam originally spread, and how Christianity replaced Paganism. Could the terrorism end with all the world full of happy Muslims? Not likely for a while.

Did winding down the Catholic-Protestant wars result in world peace? Not really, but at least the Christian sects are not engaged in warfare with each other today.

The issue in all these conflicts is political power, domination, control. Compelling people to follow Sharia is not to get right with Allah, it's to ensure that one dominant group has political power. Islam is just a side-show.

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