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Essays/Remarks on Interesting Subjects

(Permission is freely granted to anyone who wants to use any part of these essays, with or without attribution).

Comparative diameters of some planets and moons.

My Books

The most popular book I've written, "Trans-Continental Train Trip," is a travel story about a cross-country trip in an AMTRAK sleeper car.
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The book is available both as a paperback and an ebook on amazon.com.
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Another popular book is "To Australia for a Supernova and Flood"

I wrote a speculative story about SETI suddenly discovering an improved way to detect messages from ET civilizations. It's called "When the Stars Began to Speak". It's available online.

List of all the books I've written.

Public Transit Etiquette

Picture of somebody taking up 2 seats on a bus
This kind of performance is all too common on transit these days. People will sit down in an aisle seat, making it difficult for someone to get into the window seat. Or, they'll plop down a big purse, knapsack or other luggage on the vacant seat. Often, boarding riders need to ask people to move their stuff onto their lap, or onto the floor between legs.

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Picture of me, which has been seen on the side of an AC Transit bus. act