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My current list of Democratic candidates running for US president. Are that many people really serious?

Article in NY Times about Elaine Chao, Secretary of Transportation. Click here.

Comparative diameters of some planets and moons.

My Books

The most popular book I've written, "Trans-Continental Train Trip," is a travel story about a cross-country trip in an AMTRAK sleeper car.
***See a review of this book.
The book is available both as a paperback and an ebook on amazon.com.
Click here to read excerpts from this book.

Another popular book is "To Australia for a Supernova and Flood"

Another of my books is "When the Stars Began to Speak" which is about a possible breakthrough in SETI.
Read it for free here.

List of all the books I've written.

Essays/Remarks/Reports on Interesting Ideas or Possibly Sensitive Subjects

(Permission is freely granted to anyone who wants to quote or reproduce any part of these essays).

My Reports on Public Transit in Various Cities

Public Transit Etiquette

Great comments in SF Chronicle about rider behavior on public transit.

Some interesting thoughts about homeless people in Berkeley.

Links to other interesting sites

Picture of me, which has been seen on the side of an AC Transit bus. act

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